About Us

LindaI’m Linda, a breast cancer survivor. I began to look for a way to exercise, to regain strength after treatment and started by just walking, then moving on to more structued activities. Exercise programs and routines I tried needed to be adjusted to accommodate the remaining effects of therapy. I was doing this alone until I met Wendy Bruno, a fitness expert who was excited to collaborate in developing the SurvivorStrong Exercise Program.

WendyI’m Wendy and I have a degree in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University as well as a home business and a very active 3 year old! I  have worked with many different people with a variety of fitness levels and really enjoy helping people achieve their personal goals. Cancer has affected my family like so many, and I understand the challenges involved with recovery. I am very excited to be able to help you on the road to being Survivor Strong!

SurvivorStrong will help you attain renewed levels of strength, vitality and well being! It includes three levels of intensity which allow you to progress as you regain your strength and also accommodates a work-out partner who can benefit from a more intense workout as you get started! SurvivorStrong is committed to cancer survivors and their well being and fitness. Celebrating the end of chemotherapy and/or radiation is an amazing time. Filled with hope for the future, you are a survivor!