Linda’s Story

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Survivor Strong
Chapter 1

Who schedules a mammogram the day after they get back from vacation? From vacation at the Jersey Shore no less? We’d spent a glorious week at the Shore, celebrating Grammy’s 75th birthday; Grammy is my mother. It was all so normal – so much of what life is about. Our family had gathered to celebrate a long and healthy life. Grammy’s three children, spouses, and grandchildren came from Alaska, Rhode Island, and Missouri to celebrate life.
That Monday morning after our return, my husband Greg got on a small plane to work in a remote village, a 30-minute plane ride from our home in Juneau, Alaska. I stopped on my way to work for a routine mammogram. Like everyone, I just hate those things! All the jokes, the funny poems, the cartoons, NOT funny!
Sitting at my desk at work that afternoon the phone rang – the doctor’s office. My mind went immediately to “I do not want to go back for a follow-up mammogram.” I’d been this route before, something doesn’t quite look right so in you go for yet another mammogram. Everything turns out to be just fine. More of an inconvenience than a scare. However, this was different.
“Ms. Maloney?” “ Yes.” It was my doctor’s office but my own physician was out of town and a covering doctor was calling. I didn’t recognize her name and it took a bit of conversation to establish just who it was that was calling and why. Expecting to have to return for a follow-up I was feeling just a bit annoyed.
“We’ve read your mammogram; you have breast cancer.”
“ What? Oh, you mean I need to do a follow-up mammogram?” At that moment a follow-up mammogram sounded like just the ticket – I was actually thinking, yes! I get to have a follow-up mammogram. If I needed a follow-up then it was just possible I didn’t really have breast cancer.
“No, you have breast cancer. The surgeon I would prefer you use is not available, is there one you prefer?”
WAIT A MINUTE!! Whatever happened to calling me into the office to gently break the news, explain the diagnosis, look me in the eye, not the phone, and tell me I have breast cancer?
Just that quickly life changes.
In scarcely a moment life changes.

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  1. I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

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