SurvivorStrong Fitness Tip of the Week

Hello!! As you know October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The fitness tip for this week is:

SurvivorStrong Walk:

15 minute walk- Walk for 5 minutes, Stop and do 5-10 Squats, Walk for 2 minutes, Stop and do 5-10 Push ups against a tree or bench, Walk for 2 minutes, stop for a set of 5 lunges on each leg, Walk for 2 minutes, Stop and do 5-10 shoulder prsses (with or with out weights), Walk for 4 minutes. 

This is something you can do anywhere or anytime.  Try this a couple times a week and share your results!  As always, consult with your physician before starting this or any other workout. 

Check back often for more fitness tips.

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